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So what does Startup Starter involve?

7 Simple Steps
6 Simple Steps
  1. Meet - We sit down with you and discuss your idea, market, competitors and what makes your idea special. We’ll develop an an Idea Map to help guide the design process.
  2. Sketch - We start with the Logo. During the sketch up phase we’ll develop 3 Logo Designs or Variations. We’ll also create a Colour Palette and choose fonts that will work for you.
  3. Tweak - We’ll take your feedback from the sketch up phase to tweak the design, colours and fonts.
  4. Create Next we’ll move onto your business card and prepare something that matches your style and personality. As a startup you’ll need to pitch and present your idea, and a good looking slide deck. We’ll customise a template just for you, with your colours and fonts and key slide layouts ready for your content. The final piece is a website. It’s so much easier to point people to your website to get in touch, contact you or to find out more information about your startup. We’ll provide a simple mobile friendly site complete with an About and Team page and a Contact Form
  5. Launch - With that you’re ready to go! Launch yourself with confidence now you have a designed brand, a way for people to get in touch and a great way to show people who you are.
  6. Package - Our brand package consists of all your business assets and files delivered to you as a business folio. All original files are provided and they’re yours to reuse, tweak and change. We’ll provide you with digital copies of everything you need to help your business grow and move onto bigger and better things.

As part of the Starter pack we can also set you up with your own web domain and email to suit your needs. Prices vary, from free to $100/year, and we can tailor it to suit you needs.

If you’re developing a mobile app or web platform we can also help create a mockup and a clickable prototype. Talk to us for a quote!

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